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Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana

September 27, 2013

New head shot!

New head shot!

Wow, a month. You’d think I was busy these days.

Archon, the local SF/F/H con, is next weekend. This year WUTA’s doing room parties both Friday and Saturday nights, with a big display detailing all 40-something stories et al we have available for purchase online. With head shots, and covers, and blurbs, and QR codes on the front of each one. Plus root beer and absinthe (not together, although now that I think about it, the flavors aren’t THAT far apart). “Sassafras and Wormwood.” We even have a setup so that our people with Untreed Reads can autograph their ebooks on an iPad.

We live in an age of the casually miraculous, as Neil Gaiman may or may not have said in his run on Miracleman.

In a fit of good fortune, the Moon Shot anthology from Untreed Reads (with a story of mine) got moved up, and may actually go on sale Archon weekend. I will have to print a QR code on a Post-it note or something in case its status changes while we’re there.

Also writing. And rewriting. And rewriting. I’ve sketched out, started on, and ditched two endings to the WIP at this point…but the third appears to be staying up, and it’s going to be the strongest castle finale in the swamp on the real or virtual shelves. I will hand it over to the Big Books crowd at WUTA in November, get it back in December, and have it ready to send along for Evan Gregory, my agent, to look at by the end of the year.

One interesting thing about changing endings is that you get to find out which aspects of your story are flexible. I realized I wanted to recast the POV in some (but not all) of the earlier scenes, for example, from one partner in a couple to the other. That won’t change much plotwise, but the scenes will have a different feel to them, and I’ll have access to a different background and set of memories to draw from. An improvement, but not a major restructuring: the pieces are already there. Changing a character name? Even easier, that’s a global find-and-replace.

On the other hand, if I needed to change someone’s personality? Thankfully I don’t, but that’s edging into the realm of the painful. Word choice in dialog, gestures and action tags, descriptions of their movement, how people see them…a character’s depiction has hundreds of pieces that need to mesh to make sense.

Anyway, back to it. I will post pix from the con, promise.

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