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Making the Pivot

April 29, 2014


The last twenty-three days have been dizzy. I finished the revisions on Sleep of the Unjust, sent them in last Monday for my agent’s consideration, and after a leisurely 18-hour break, went back to the Decopunk work in progress, which may or may not be going by Dance around the Dying now. I proceeded to crank out 5700 words this week.

For those of you keeping track, I need to average a bit over 500 words of second-draft prose a day to have the manuscript ready for WUTA review by August 14. That means it has to be done about two-three weeks before, so I can do a quick round of fixes and emendations and get copies printed someplace cheaper than FedEx Office before the group gets their collective mitts on it.

This past week I averaged over 800 words a day. Moreover, I hit goal every day of the week, and did 2000 words Saturday alone, which is in the NaNoWriMo range. For me, that’s fast…which lends credence to my theory that even when you’re working on something else entirely, your subconscious can percolate away on what should happen next.

The other thing worth mentioning: the fun factor. I’d been concerned at various stages that I wasn’t “into” this story like some of the others, even as I set scene after scene in place. After this week I can state with authority that I’m having a blast. Besides, stuff keeps falling into my lap.

Did you know there’s a perfectly round coral atoll between Manila and Hong Kong, hundreds of miles from other land, with an ROC airstrip on it? Well, you probably do if you’re from Taiwan, but otherwise, look up “Dongsha Island” or “Pratas Islands.” The place practically screamed “supervillain base” or “air pirate lair” to me, and it’s directly in my protagonist’s path.

You can’t make this stuff up. This is kismet at work.

Moose photo by Mia Bruksman via Wikimedia Commons. Hover over the thing to see details.

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